in the pink

Director Of Photography


A high-achieving professional decides to ditch her Tinder date to explore a new passion.

In The Pink was created as part of a final group project for a second year Film Production course. A highly collaborative project from conception to execution, the final film is an amalgamation of our team's creative vision and efforts. With my cinematography, I aimed to create a world that was beautifully disorienting---- augmenting the film's elements of magical realism while embracing the protagonist's change and choices.  


From crushing dragonfruits in the streets of Vancouver to devouring an entire blueberry pie in the bathtub, In The Pink was a very exciting and interesting project to work on, to say the least. Currently we are working on some final touches, so expect some updates soon!


Director: Jamie Loh and Angelica Poversky

Written by: Jin Li and Angelica Poversky

Original Concept by: Alex Smyth, Angelica Poversky, Klara Wyse, Jamie Loh, Merissa Victor, Jin Li

Director of Photography: Merissa Victor

1st AD: Alex Smyth

Production Design by: Klara Wyse and Jamie Loh

Sound Design by: Jin Li and Alex Smyth

Editors: Klara Wyse and Jin Li

Cast: Nikki West, Duncan Parizeau, Aiden Olley, Briannah Cristofoli, Zach Kourgialis,

Kerry Regier, Jude Fitch, Jacob Lindfield, Kas Pawlowski 

Stills by: Merissa Victor

Photographed: Nikki West

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