at first sight

Director Of Photography


A simple story about travelling glances between strangers in a museum, and the silent heartbreak that comes with it.

I was really taken by the writing of At First Sight. While a non-dialogue film, the curiosity and the stakes felt very real for these characters. Through my cinematography I hoped to capture what these moments of contemplation would feel like and worked towards making the silence heard.

Stay tuned for more updates on this film.


Director: Klara Wyse

Written and Edited by: Angelica Poversky

Director of Photography: Merissa Victor and Jamie Loh

Production Design by: Jamie Loh

Sound Design by: Jin Li

Music by: Shahfiq Shahfie

Cast: Angelica Poversky, Nadia Kovari, Nic Johnstone, Klara Wyse

Stills by: Merissa Victor

Photographed: Angelica Poversky, Nadia Kovari, Nic Johnstone

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